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In My Oyster World

in my oyster world

This is the first in my series entitled “My Lover’s Oysters” conceived while sipping a glass of wine as my lover savored his oysters. We were sitting on a deck overlooking the vineyards of the Napa valley in the summer of 2005.

In this imaginary mythical world graceful beaded oyster shells filled with tiny pearls have transformed themselves into a beautiful flower which sways in the tropical breeze. A mermaid frolics in an azure sea. Time stands still. Troubles melt away. Grace, beauty, love and sensuality rule.

Oysters, generally considered erotic are also a symbol of humility and wisdom. To me they are glories of the sea, nature’s embodiment of the merging of opposites. Craggy, cracked and rough on the exterior, smooth, glowing with opalescence, cradling a pearl and a soft, succulent marine creature on the interior. The magic and mystery of life exists here in one of it’s most

The artist welcomes “oyster offerings”(donations of oyster shells). Please include your own “oyster tales.”