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The Door of Possibilities
   A Ceremonial Door……. 

the door of possibilities

I have always been fascinated by doors and what they represent.  Opening a door, crossing a threshold is an entry into the unknown.  Every time we walk through a door, we enter a realm of new possibilities.  Every time we close a door, whether it be a physical door or one in our minds or hearts, we shut down possibilities.  Yet trite as the saying may be, when one door closes, another one opens.  We still, however have to make the choice to walk through it for we can also choose to turn aside and take another path.  Choosing to walk through it can take tremendous courage.

THE DOOR OF POSSIBILITIES actually began as a whim or an impulse.  One day as I approached my home (now renamed as THE PALACE OF THE SOUL), I gazed upon my bare wooden front door and was struck by how plain and lifeless it appeared.  Having struggled with chronic pain for years it suddenly occurred to me that this was not, symbolically very healthy.  My front door needed some color, some embellishment, it needed to be infused with a zest for life.  So, as a gesture, a declaration to myself and to the universe, I took the door down and began the process of painting and decoupaging it.  I soon moved on to embellishing it with antique buttons and beads and later added pebbles, semiprecious stones, glass and beaded flowers, crystals and rhinestones.  Working odd hours, raising three children at the same time, as they grew, the door “grew” as well.  During those years, I also entered a particularly difficult and painful period of my life.  As I went through a divorce,  I tried to “face into my difficulties”  rather than running from them  and often I took my feelings to “my studio.”  As I frequently do with my art, I realized that I could create what I needed.  I could enter any realm  which the world presented me with without fear by transforming my feelings into a work of art.  I am greatly blessed, as an artist, because I can bring any circumstance in my life, no matter how challenging, and create from that place.  So as I mourned my marriage and faced my feelings of failure and inadequacy I created THE DOOR OF POSSIBILITIES.  It felt as if so many doors had closed and so I chose to create this door which became for me a symbol of hope and inspiration, a reminder of the power of the human spirit to heal from loss and to transcend pain by creating beauty.  While we cannot control the external circumstances of our lives, we can choose how to respond in any given situation and the words or “poem” which are written on the door in beads served to remind me of the kinds of actions I wanted to choose.  Parts of the door are purely decorative, an ode to beauty, while other parts are universal symbols.  The flames are the flames of the phoenix, burning up fear and setting the stage for rebirth.  The butterflies, a symbol of the soul fluttering free, the hidden eyes are all-seeing, both seeing and sending forth the truth.  There are other symbols which I choose not to declare for sometimes, symbols can be more powerful if left unspoken.  In honor of each of us and the mystery we represent, I will let you discover them for yourselves.

The DOOR, as it grew and emerged, in some sense, became an interactive piece, which has been used in various different ceremonies.  While it is still available for this, recently I decided that when it is exhibited in a gallery setting, it is my intention not to direct the nature of this interaction.  The reason for this is that I want to honor each person’s individual journey.  On this road of life each person journeys alone and I would like to present this DOOR and this exhibition with an invitation and a welcome.  I invite you to reflect upon the “doors” in your life, open and shut, and upon the possibilities.  I invite you to stand before it, to cross the threshold, to circle it or approach it from behind, whichever feels right to you.  I would like to take the role of the “welcomer.”  I recently came across a quote from Harriet Tubman which moved me deeply.  She states , ”I had crossed the line and I was free ; but there was no one to welcome me to the land of freedom. I was a stranger in a strange land.” It came to me in a flash that this is the role I would like to play at my art openings, that of welcomer.  So though you journey alone, only you choose which doors to open or shut, which thresholds to cross and which possibilities to pursue, I will be here on the other side of “THE DOOR OF POSSIBILITIES” welcoming you.  Come as you are.