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Door of Possibilities

The concept-transformation
the door of possibilities

Drawing upon the ancient tradition of embellishing doors as a symbolic journey from the earthly, physical realm to the spiritual, heavenly realm, I have created “The Door of Possibilities.” The Door is a contemporary interpretation of “The Gates of Paradise” (such as Ghiberti’s doors on the baptistry in Florence). The message of the Door is clear-that paradise lies within our reach if we envision the universe as an abundant realm of possibilities.

The front of the Door is richly embellished with antique buttons, tiny glass seed beads, crystals, Venetian glass flowers, Capo di Monte ceramic flowers, French beaded flowers, abalone shells, angels and poetic phrases written in beads. The use of glass beads is very important for several reasons. The ability of beads to reflect and transmit light creates a kaleidoscope of color which shimmers and appears to “dance” in a glittering burst of light and movement. Beads speak to me of possibility, for in each tiny bead there lies a mystery of color and light. This piece is “drunk” with opulence and completely dazzles the viewer. Rendered in many reflective materials, the Door is elevated to the metaphysical realm and the viewer is enticed to cast off fear and despair and walk through to the world beyond. Looking upon the Door, I think it will be possible for the viewer to believe in the “Divine.”

The back side of the Door is purposefully left very simple. The background color is rendered in sheer layers of purple lightly misted with gold, both spiritual colors. Inside the panels, which are decorated with gold leaf, are mirrors. As the viewer passes through the “Door of Possibilities” into the spiritual realm, the treasures of the universe, the true realm of possibilities is discovered by looking within. The implication is that our true paradise is our spirit and the journey within is accomplished through the choices that we make in our lives. Once the knowledge of our own power is realized, no further embellishment is needed. Having reached the other side transformation is complete and the conceptual reality that we are each a “divine creation” is actualized.