Upcoming Event The Beaded Lady
Painting & Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

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You are invited to a weekend of, painting, self honor, shimmering embellishment and enchantment!

The Beaded Lady Workshop: beaded lady workshop

Spend a day painting your special Lady. Lady of Abundance. Lady of Love. Lady of Vision. Lady of Chocolate. Lady of Possibility! Access your internal wealth of creativity and inspiration and divine connection with your inner lady who knows what there is to know. Then in the second day create a beaded gown, robe or prayer shawl to bless and dress your Lady.

We will be using acrylic paint on canvas. All embellishment techniques are fun and easy to learn.! Join us at the “Bead Bar” where you can choose from an abundance of shimmering materials including rhinestone chain, Austrian crystals, Japanese seed beads, turquoise, rainbow glitter, shells and much more. You will also be invited to choose a special treasure from the Baroness’s studio to include in your creation.! We will end our workshop with a candlelight procession through the “Door of Possibilities” and refreshments in the “Mermaid Bar”.

“Adorning our ladies is a conscious act of uniting heaven and earth. You become the alchemist who creates divine union between the spiritual and material realms.! Painting your inner lady grounds her presence on the earth while embellishing her enlivens her presence with the sparkling light of the heavens.”

Elizabeth Gibbons: aka The Bejewelled Baroness: Prophetess of Enchantment

"Your Lady will be an icon of what you want to create for your life right now – a real altar piece, created by your own hands, your own heart.”

Shiloh Sophia McCloud aka Chief Laughing Cloud: The Art Doctor


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At The Palace of the Soul
San Francisco with:

- Shiloh Sophia McCloud

- Elizabeth Gibbons


If you would like to schedule a one on one Beaded Lady Day with Elizabeth contact her.

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No painting or embellishment experience is needed!
Materials of $150 are included in your workshop fee.

Cost: $550 includes materials. Space is limited. To Register call 800.515.6623 or visit our website.

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Visist Cosmic Cowgirl University website here: www.cosmiccowgirlsuniversity.com
Testimonial :

Greetings from the other side of an amazing weekend! I am holding onto the precious sharing and wisdom of this past weekend and wanted to thank you all for the gift of that time together with other women, the ideas shared, the art, the exuberance – all of it. Shiloh, your spiritual yet practical guidance roots me – “don’t wait for inspiration” may be one of the most important things I’ve ever heard. Elizabeth, your sparkling exuberance and beautiful art and your joy joy joy inspire me. I really enjoyed all of the women and girls who were there and felt like each one taught me something or inspired some new way of thinking in me. ~ Ann Foley

For Details, Contact: Elizabeth Gibbons pangels@pacbell.net

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