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Create your own Enchanted Shrine of Joy

You are invited to join 
Elizabeth Gibbons  
a.k.a. the Bejewelled Baroness 


Judy Ranieri 
Legendary Joyologist 

at the Palace of the Soul for a day of creativity, joy, wisdom, enchantment and sacred ceremony. We will be creating a "Joy Box", a personal shrine, a physical symbol of the divine spark of joy that lives within each of us. We will be using paint, collage, glitter, beads and personal memorabilia. No art experience is needed. Judy and Elizabeth will guide you down the "golden road of glittering beads" using techniques that are easy and fun.

You are invited into the sacred space of the Palace of the Soul where creativity and intentional self-expression are
honored and valued. Just as your body needs food, your soul needs the nourishment of creativity, joy and enchantment.

  • * Say YES to gathering with other women in sacred circle
  • * Say YES  to your self-expression
  • * Say YES to creativity as an exploration of joy and enchantment in your life
  • * Say YES to activating more joy in your life with glitter, beads and embellishment
  • * Say YES to Glitteracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Palace of the Soul, San Francisco

When: Saturday, January 28
Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Cost $249- this includes all materials


What students are saying about Judy  
"There is no doubt you have been sent as a teacher of light and inspiration. You stand firmly grounded in your inner purpose, to acknowledge and cherish joy in all it forms..." ~Lynda
"Getting in touch with all of our senses was particularly enlightening for me. It was a wonderful, soulful, and playful experience. I really appreciated your having a vast array of materials to work with, so that we could find just the right items to express our individuality." ~Barbara


What students are saying about Elizabeth
"Working with Elizabeth is like stepping into a magical moment in time where anything is possible. I came with an idea, and with her guidance, love and glittery zazz she took my idea and helped me create a masterpiece! A true master herself, Elizabeth brings not only the skills of a finely trained artist, but also, and more importantly, the heart and soul of a spirit who really cares about what you create and how you create it. A day at the Palace of the Soul is a day you will never forget. Thank you Elizabeth for your generosity and guidance!""
~Christine Arylo, founder of Madly in Love with ME
"Greetings from the other side of an amazing weekend! I am holding onto the precious sharing and wisdom of this past weekend and wanted to thank you all for the gift of that time together with other women, the ideas shared, the art, the exuberance - all of it. Elizabeth, your sparkling exuberance and beautiful art and your joy joy joy inspire me. I really enjoyed all of the women and girls who were there and felt like each one taught me something or inspired some new way of thinking in me."
~Ann Foley  
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