Artist Elizabeth Gibbons - Education

In my personal quest to understand my father’s illness, the ensuing family dynamics and my own sensitivities, I majored in psychology at Vassar College with a minor in art history.  I went on to attain a master’s degree in psychiatric social work.  Feeling dissatisfied by the psychiatric model and tormented as a  daily witness to such breakdown of the human spirit, I  decided to pursue a career in art.  At the time I was living in NYC and studied faux finishing and marble-izing with an English master who had worked in many palaces in England including the Queen’s. Following my studies with him, I moved to  San Francisco and started my own business doing faux finishing.  I also continued my artistic development, taking courses at the Day Studio, including color theory, gilding and trompe l’oeil. During the mid-80’s I met and worked as an apprentice for Tony Duquette, world-renowned artist, set designer for the San Francisco Opera and jewelry designer for the British nobility.  I worked with Tony Duquette on The Canticle of the Sun, a celebrational environment created for the people of San Francisco and dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi.  Through my work with Tony, I learned much about incorporating found objects, shells, fabric, jewelry, beads and mosaics.  I was also witness to his genius and dream of uniting the arts by combining visual art, music and poetry to create an interactive experience for the viewer.  I went on to study mosaic work at Sharon Studio and I also “created” three children who continue to inspire and direct my career.

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diploma Elizabeth Gibbons