Open Studios 2011

"Soulful Siren"

Open Studios
At the Palace of the Soul

Elizabeth Gibbons

Weekend 2: October 8 & 9

11am to 6pm

449 Parker Avenue

San Francisco, Ca, 94118

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Unveiling new works

The Legend Lives On!!!!!!!

Join Visionary Artist Elizabeth Gibbons, a.k.a the Bejewelled Baroness, for an uplifting, inspiring week-end. Liberate & spark the divine within your self through the experience of viewing & owning art that is transformative, magical & filled with the wonder of light. Immerse yourself in this world that belongs to the mystery of the soul. You are invited to an unforgettable experience!!!!

"The light of the soul is the spirit within matter that makes life dance"

from "The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul" by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee