Open Studio 2012

open studios 2012
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On this page a VERY SPECIAL INVITATION for you
  1. Elizabeth's Open Studio dates and times
  2. Join Elizabeth in a guided meditation and ceremony during Open Studio in person or online
  3. Join Elizabeth for an "Illuminated" Tour of the Art in person or online
  4. Buy your Raffle Ticket to WIN a work of art by Elizabeth

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You are invited to Open Studio 2012 
Saturday October 13 and Sunday October 14  
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
449 Parker Ave. San Francisco, Ca. 94118
For directions click here 
I invite you to join me for a Magical Adventure into an extraordinary world, a jewel-encrusted world of mythical, otherworldly creatures. Mermaids that float upon glistening seas, Divine Goddesses with butterfly wings, ethereal angel women all beckoning to you to share their wonder and delight!!! Recharge your JOY battery with beautiful art,  a guided meditation, a ceremony through the Door of Possibilities and special, sparkling surprises! (read on to learn more about these) 
I am so excited to be offering a DELECTABLE FEAST FOR YOUR SOUL
that will fire up your spiritual pulse to " red hot and holy", ignite your Divine Spark with inspiration and sparkle your imagination with luminous blessings of GLITTERACY!!!
This event is LIVE and VIRTUAL so even if you can't join me in person you can join from the comfort of your own living room!! Scroll down to get your link to the VIRTUAL event.
Unveiling new art that is full of LOVE and LIGHT and that I want to share with you!!!

If you can't make this event in person  
sign up for the LIVE STREAM
She Who Birthed Rivers of Light 
"She Who Birthed Rivers of Light" 

Join me for a GUIDED Meditation  
"Connecting to the Light and
Your Higher Self"
on Sunday at 4 p.m.

* Connect with the Divine and the "Sea of Light" that is your heart
*Release all limits to giving and receiving more love
* Connect with and invite in the Muse who holds the key to manifesting the life of your dreams
*Be blessed with Holy Water from Lourdes and HOT PINK Glitter from the Studio of the Bejewelled Baroness
*Learn how to make clearing statements that will clear blocks that may be stopping you from creating a more joyful and abundant life
*Engage in a sacred and FUN ritual 
*Walk through the Magical Jewel-Encrusted Portal, The Door of Possibilities" created by Visionary Artist, Elizabeth Gibbons
"The infinite dwelling of the Infinite Being is everywhere: in earth, water, sky and air: firm as the thunderbolt, the seat of the seeker is established above the void. He who is within is without: I see Him and none else."
Come journey with me to your creative center, the place within you where your SOUL-SHINE resides. Learn how to "glow" from the inside out!!
"The Treasures of the Universe Lie Within Your Being"
quote from the "Door of Possibilities"




 *1ST PRIZE- A limited edition fine art giclee print by Elizabeth Gibbons
*2nd Prize- A 30 minute Intuitive Life Coach reading to help you clear blocks to manifesting your dreams
*3rd prize- A crystal magic wand and a "zap your Inner Critic and Love Blessing Wand"
*4th prize- Two pairs of Magic Rainbow Embroidery Scissors- these scissors cut through lies!!!!!
Raffle tickets can be purchased until Sunday October 22. Raffle drawing will be Sunday October 29.

     queen of her own heart
"Queen of Her Own Heart"