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"Elizabeth Gibbons is a visionary artist and teacher. Her art depicts a spiritual journey, the telling of a story that contacts us at the level of the soul. As we view layers and layers of prayer, hope, paradox and spirit woven between particles of paint, bead, glitter and rhinestone we are inspired to embark upon our own journey. As a teacher, Elizabeth encourages us to explore materials that animate our sense of wonder, joy and play. "

Elizabeth Gibbons, visionary artist, works in a variety of media.She is a creator of spiritual and transformative paintings, sculptures and poetry. She is self taught using a variety of methods and techniques. Her imagery encompases mermaids, goddesses, fairies, birds, flowers, butterflies, turtles, bejeweled and winged women, men and lovers. Her materials, to name a few, are beads, crystals, mosaics, glitter, paint, feathers, fetishes, bits of antique jewelry and other found objects.

“Art is how I make sense of it all, how I illumine my life. Creating art, for me, has become the container which helps me to integrate the whole human experience, the beauty and the ugliness, the light and the shadows, the coexistence of opposites.”

Her art for sale, in her online store and at art galleries, includes art prints, poetry art prints, giclee on canvas and original paintings.

Elizabeth works in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.