Artist Elizabeth Gibbons - Influences

I would like to acknowledge the influences of other artists including El Greco whose art I saw in Venice, the more decorative style of the Art Nouveau movement including the work of Gustav Klimt and the work of Matisse. I would also include the surrealists such as Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington and the Symbolists such as Odilon Redon. Tony Duquette  has been a major influence and kindred spirit and last but not least, my parents. I dedicate “The Door of Possibilities” to my father for which I have written a separate dedication. To my mother I dedicate this exhibit which I have entitled “Realms of Enchantment”. Without her tremendous courage and unflagging support I would not have been able to achieve what I have.  I will always think of her as great symbol of connection for she has been the “glue” which has held our family together.  For the many gifts my parents have given me, I thank them.

Elizabeth Patterson Gibbons