palace of the sould divine school of glitteracyMASK-MAKING: THE EMBODIMENT OF TRANSFORMATION

Join Visionary Artists

masking making Dana Lynne Andersen
Dana Lynne Andersen & Elizabeth Gibbons

in San Francisco.
We are excited to offer this rare & wonderful opportunity to work in person live with two visionary artists. Dana is visiting from Italy where she teaches at the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness in Assisi.

Celebrate All Hallows Eve with a profound creative journey

Sat. October 29th, 2011 10:30 am – 7:30-8 pm
at the Palace of the Soul, San Francisco California

$149 + $24 materials fee including paint, glitter, glue, yarn, various baubles. There are also options for additional bejeweling, and you are invited to bring your own adornments for yourself and to share.


To create a mask is to embody something core in the Self; sometimes what is ready to be released, often what is ripe to be revealed. The inner character that comes forth is a teacher, an ally, a guardian of our emerging potential. We begin with an actual casting of our face- a visceral alchemical process. From the moment it is ‘born’ the mask begins to have a life of its own- becoming a vessel for the souls messages. First we work with the blank mask- infusing the white forms with energy and intention. Next, the mask comes to life with paint and embellishment. Finally we embody these emerging new energies, allowing their luminous seeds to sprout. From this embodied work, a transformation takes root on deeper levels inside of us. Bring your dreams and soul messages to life and cross the liminal threshold to your unfolding future!

divine school of glitteracy
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