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I am now offering one on one classes for $100 per hour. Menu with offering coming soon.

Here is a testimonial from a student;

"I recently had the immense privilege of working one-on-one with Elizabeth Gibbons in her studio. To say it was a blessing and gift are understatements. Elizabeth met me right where I am creatively with regard to painting, which in all candor is at the crossroads of fear and skepticism. The creativity that I have always embraced and claimed is my writing -- in many ways a shield that prevents me from exploring other artistic media. In a very caring, and non-threatening way, Elizabeth allowed me to "lower my shield" and begin to feel what it is like to paint with confidence...and thoroughly enjoy it.

True to form, I began my painting foray with difficult subject matter and scale. Elizabeth was undaunted, and therefore so was I! She listened and observed, all the while putting me at ease and making it all feel very EASY. Elizabeth made the process feel fun, not like hard work. And how could it be anything but fun? The environment in Elizabeth's studio at the Palace of the Soul is mesmerizing. If someone were to plan a party for creativity, where all the creative elements would come together to celebrate their greatness, the party would be thrown in Elizabeth's studio!

Give yourself the gift that combines personal exploration, whimsy, and Elizabeth and schedule a one-to-one session with her. You and your creative force deserve it! "

Laura Toller Gardner

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If you'd like to schedule now please contact my "Glitter Girl Friday",
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