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The Palace of the Soul is my own personal “land of enchantment”, a Mediterranean style villa located on Lone Mountain in San Francisco. We have beautiful sweeping views out to the ocean and spectacular sunsets on clear days. The Palace is decorated with amazing gorgeous art that has a dreamlike quality to it. As you enter the living room you will be astonished to see the “Door of Possibilities”, a lavish, shimmering, contemporary version of “The Gates of Paradise”.

Much of my art is characterized by the use of reflective materials such as glass beads, crystals, shells and vintage jewelry. As the light is reflected off these surfaces, it sparkles and dances, imbuing the art with an energy and power that elevates it to a metaphysical realm.

You will encounter all the elements here at the Palace, a mermaid bar with a counter of shattered safety glass, the “Waters of Life”, an extravagant beaded mermaid surrounded by iridescent stained glass and a glorious altar of shells. Elements of air such as angels, butterflies and fairies dance through the artwork. Crystals mined from the caves of Mother Earth are everywhere. These otherworldly creatures will entice and enchant you as you walk through the Palace.

In the garden, designed by visionary Master Gardener Fred Sims and myself, you may wish to pause and listen to the melodious gurgle of our waterfall or relax in the meditation garden or admire the abundant, fragrant roses. Please visit my Garden Gallery to see more about our landscape design company, Garden Visions, LLC We specialize in creating beautiful, serene garden sanctuaries and working closely with clients to actualize their dream gardens.

The Palace is a “hotbed” of creativity where I live with my three children, my sweetheart and extended family. We fill our worlds with painting, composing music, drawing, writing, acting…all the creative arts which adds a rich, joyful, imaginative quality to our lives.

I invite you to visit me at my Palace….I will enchant your eye, lift up your heart and enthrall and inspire your spirit.