An Invitation From The Artist, to the Palace

I invite you to enter with me a jewel-encrusted world….a world of magical, mythical creatures……a doorway to the possibilities which already exist in your imagination. You will see elements of earth, air, fire, water…..shells, flowers, butterflies, leaves, crystals, beads, glass and all types of objects which bring to life otherworldly creatures…. mermaids who float upon the sea, turtle goddesses, mystical lovers, ethereal angel fairy women…all beckoning to you, the viewer to share their delight. I, the artist, bring into physical form that which exists in my soul in order that you may discover that which exists in yours.

I am enchanted by the shimmer of crystal, the sparkle of glass, iridescence, the juxtaposition of textures and the play of light on different surfaces. My art is a metaphor for what I see as the union of the many facets which come together to create each unique human being. By combining different objects including broken tile, glass, antique jewelry, fragments of nature, beads from around the world, with my own painted images and words, I create a beautiful work of art. Just as each work of art is a union of disparate parts, each being is a merging of all the moments of our lives, a union of our fragments, a co-existence of our dualities. We are each a box of treasures, longing to be opened, seen by another, affirmed and acknowledged. I seek to inspire you to discover your own treasures through your experience of viewing and interacting with my art.

We all have the capacity to access healing for ourselves by connecting to the creative spirit inside our own being. I believe art can heal and transform our pain and suffering. I hope you will walk away feeling as if your senses have been tickled, then delighted, your imagination fired up and liberated! I hope I can recapture for you some of the wonder you experienced as a child. I hope you will return again and again and each time discover a new “buried treasure”. My gift to you is an invitation to let the art which you view today echo in your mind and heart and carry you to discover your own buried treasure deep inside yourself. My call to you is to heal yourself, love yourself…..see your own beauty reflected here. My art is meant to evoke the wonders of creation, the marvelous in sacred terms and is a threshold into the spiritual realm.