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Want to Spend A Day Honoring The Queen in You?

queen for a day crown

A creativity party honoring the self

February 13 is the International Day of Self Love started by Visionary Leader, Christine Arylo. And so the Cosmic Cowgirls decided to throw a Self Love Creativity Tea Party and invite you to join us! We're doing what we Queens love best: making art with lots of beads, glitter and rhinestones! And not just any art: a crown! Yours. Join us and paint your own painting of a crown and spend juicy creative time embellishing it so that is sparkles to high heaven and inspires you to remember to love YOU. This will be a dazzling experience of glitteracy!

Delicious High Tea, Chocolate, Champagne and Gourmet Feast included. Much of our lives we spend choosing others before ourselves – how can we truly love others if we don't first love ourselves?

Signed in sparkles…

Shiloh Sophia aka
Chief Laughing Cloud
Elizabeth aka Bejewelled Baronness

The Palace of the Soul
449 Parker Ave.
San Francisco

Sunday Feb. 13th, 12 to 7 p.m.

For more information and to register
Click HERE