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This is the place where those visionary dreams manifest in physical form.

This is where I connect heaven and earth, where “alchemy” takes place as my spirit engages with the luscious physical beauty of our world. Sometimes it is a wildly chaotic mess. Other times it will have a pleasant clean-ish semi-organized feel to it. Always it is full of interesting materials and objects, luminescent shells, sparkling beads and jewels, soft feathers, enticing boxes of broken plates, glittering mosaic tiles, shining gold leaf and much more. It is a magical place full of precious, sparkling treasures that are truly a sign of the soul in matter.

When you visit me here and I hope you will, please leave your “Inner Critic” in the box at the door. He or she is not welcome here. He or she belongs in a box and you belong outside that box, swimming free in the sea of your imagination. If your “Inner Critic” is particularly stubborn we can take care of that with a little ceremony. Write down all the things she says you cannot do or that you do not do well on a piece of paper that I will give to you. Then we will have a little fire ceremony right outside the door of my studio and together we will burn those thoughts.

Returning to this feast for the senses, please rummage and let your hands roam over these materials. Close your eyes and dream away. Enjoy my “bead bar”….and let’s converse. What colors resonate with you today….do you feel green, gold, sapphire blue or carmine red? Choose sapphire if you need to evoke the spirit of Jupiter, convivial, jovial and creative. If you join me for one of my workshops (coming soon…please see Events on Enchanted Eye or Cosmic Cowgirls.com) I will be honored to invite you to choose a special treasure or two to include in your own beautiful creation and yes there will be many more treasures to choose from at the “Bead Bar”. Magic and adornment are of great value to our souls and soul-food is what I want to feed you for I am the prophetess of enchantment, also known to my Cosmic Cowgirl sisters as the Bejewelled Baroness. My shining treasures will add the spark of vitality and the magic of the heavenly skies to your life.