Glitter Words -

See what students are saying:

Christine Arylo
founder of Madly in Love with ME

"Working with Elizabeth is like stepping into a magical moment in time where anything is possible. I came with an idea, and with her guidance, love and glittery zazz she took my idea and helped me create a masterpiece! A true master herself, Elizabeth brings not only the skills of a finely trained artist, but also, and more importantly, the heart and soul of a spirit who really cares about what you create and how you create it. A day at the Palace of the Soul is a day you will never forget. Thank you Elizabeth for your generosity and guidance!"

Lynda Weir

"I can't tell you how much it meant to me to take your beaded lady workshop. It seems my spirit has awakened from some long sleep and it is because of you and Shiloh and your sharing hearts that I look forward to my creative journey inward where rainbow colors await and dreams are portals to wonder and delight."

Laura Toller Gardner

"I recently had the immense privilege of working one-on-one with Elizabeth Gibbons in her studio. To say it was a blessing and gift are understatements. Elizabeth met me right where I am creatively with regard to painting, which in all candor is at the crossroads of fear and skepticism. The creativity that I have always embraced and claimed is my writing -- in many ways a shield that prevents me from exploring other artistic media. In a very caring, and non-threatening way, Elizabeth allowed me to "lower my shield" and begin to feel what it is like to paint with confidence...and thoroughly enjoy it.

True to form, I began my painting foray with difficult subject matter and scale. Elizabeth was undaunted, and therefore so was I! She listened and observed, all the while putting me at ease and making it all feel very EASY. Elizabeth made the process feel fun, not like hard work. And how could it be anything but fun? The environment in Elizabeth's studio at the Palace of the Soul is mesmerizing. If someone were to plan a party for creativity, where all the creative elements would come together to celebrate their greatness, the party would be thrown in Elizabeth's studio!

Give yourself the gift that combines personal exploration, whimsy, and Elizabeth and schedule a one-to-one session with her. You and your creative force deserve it! "

Ann Foley

"Greetings from the other side of an amazing weekend! I am holding onto the precious sharing and wisdom of this past weekend and wanted to thank you all for the gift of that time together with other women, the ideas shared, the art, the exuberance – all of it. Shiloh, your spiritual yet practical guidance roots me – “don’t wait for inspiration” may be one of the most important things I’ve ever heard. Elizabeth, your sparkling exuberance and beautiful art and your joy joy joy inspire me. I really enjoyed all of the women and girls who were there and felt like each one taught me something or inspired some new way of thinking in me. "

See what collectors and admirers are saying:

Caroline Crystal and Bill Wilkins

"Bill and I really enjoyed seeing you, Freddy, Tucker, your fabulous home, garden and art Saturday. You have created such an exciting environment - I think it is one of your best artworks, managing to be so many things to so many people, all at the same time. Transformative, magical, welcoming, warm, sparkling and timeless - reassuringly familiar and unexpectedly interesting - like the rest of your work, everything one could want it to be

Pieter Bennenbroek and Mariet Bennenbroek Gielen
Marja’s parents

We are very pleased with ‘ Enchanted Garden’, witch Marja has send to us as a special gift from her. It arrived a couple off weeks ago. We placed the Enchanted Garden near our dinner table in the living. So, everyday we can enjoy when we have dinner. Through that we are some closer to our daughter Marja, she did make a really nice choice. Also it brings Marja closer to art, and that is a good thought. We think this is a wonderful peace off art. We wish you lots of success and inspiration to go on make people happy with your artworks.

Alexander Calder,
Curator The Fine Art Center for East Africa
San Francisco

"It was great to meet you last night and as I promised, I would share my thoughts on your art with you. My first reaction upon encountering your ornately decorated door today was immediate dismissal of it.

My first impression over no more than a second or two, recalled glitter-soaked, kitschy folk-art holding no appeal for me on those previous occasions I encountered them. I walked past it without a second thought, or shred of residual curiosity to see more.

However, because of its prominent, in-your-way placement within the gallery, I was forced to confront this work again later, and this time, something about it drew me in for a closer look. I am happy to say that my freshly stimulated curiosity was richly rewarded.

Upon my second viewing, it was obvious that whoever created this piece invested an extraordinary amount of time and creative energy in its making, and perhaps that alone justified a moment or two of my time, to see why. It wasn’t long before I realized I had been studying the door for many long minutes and at that point, I couldn’t pull my eyes from it. Wow – I remember remarking – there are myriad powerful things bursting forth from this work in the form of wisdom, struggle, triumph, acceptance, lasting personal vision, and discovery along an active and varied life path. I remember thinking: “whoever created this door has lived a life rich with wonder, pain, triumph, loss, separation, connection, insight, you-name-it – and they are demonstrating tremendous personal courage to share these things with complete strangers like me.” How fortunate, I realized, was I, to encounter and enjoy all of these precious, normally-secretive, “life jewels”, within a mere few minutes of seeing this work for the second, yet really the first, time.

Your work may have taken weeks or more to make, considering the extraordinary attention you have given to its details. However, it demonstrates that the sum-total of wisdom and experience from your entire life has been distilled and carefully placed into and upon this piece.

Despite my first impression of your “door”, I am happy to say – it was wrong. This work is unique: a stunning, profoundly rich, masterpiece – the work of a lifetime – literally. It stands in monumental testimony to a life filled with all the wonder, wisdom, pain, triumph and love one can have, and share. It represents art at its most powerful best, in my humble view.

Your other works proved no less rewarding to take in. As a sometimes-jaded seasoned art-viewer, I am happy to report that it was a thrill to see such sincere, powerful, original work. I commend your personal courage and talents and wish you well in your career. Our world becomes a greater place when measured by works as these.

I am honored and humbled to have experienced your art. It moved me, and that is a great thing for art to accomplish for anyone fortunate enough to view it."

Grail Goddess Kim Kristiansson
Cosmic Cowgirl

Your work really speaks to me - and you'll be happy to know ONE of the things it says to me is a constant invitation to get more of my creations out of my head & out into some medium. Thank you - that's quite a gift. The energy from your paintings is so mesmerising, healing, inviting, and bold, all at the same time.

Jerry Peacock

“I love “Psyche’s State of Rapture.” It is breathtaking…congratulations!!”

David Rose
founder Unified Field Bank

“Your openness, grace and presence as shared on this site is extraordinary. Having just spent long hours in many meetings with some of the greatest online user experience people on the planet...I'm struck with the power and warmth that you convey on your site simply by being yourself and sharing so freely... Thank you for a wonderful experience! I feel inspired, met and taken to a magical place inside myself where my own nature plays freely with that of all of life.”

"About the painting “The Divine Warrior for Love” “ very powerful and rich with deepening meaning on so many levels. Seeing her now, so beautiful in such soft and strong ways woven together. Thank you”

Dori Etter
gallery owner, collector & business entrepreneur

"It is my joy and pleasure to be able to purchase one of your pieces!! I truly LOVE HER and have her hanging right above my desk where I see her all the time!"

Mary Kate Jordan

"I'm Mary Kate Jordan, the fiber artist your mom may have mentioned who hosted a mixed-media event -- quilt show and concert -- yesterday at the UCC in Monterey to benefit two great nfp agencies. The fiber arts theme was Only One Ocean, and the concert theme was Rivers Winding to the Sea. I want to let you know that I love the images of your work that I've seen in the brochures Mary has shown me/us. And also that when I spoke to the folks yesterday mid-concert, (abouy 3:30 pm, in case your ears were burning...), I mentioned your work and read your mermaid poem. Why did I choose it? Because, I said to them, here's a poem that speaks to, and about, the source of the music you've been hearing and the images surrounding you. They listened, and heard. I also had the brochure available on a table for them to look at, along with So thank you for having your words available to share with them, Elizabeth. Like the show/concert itself, your powerful door piece, and the ocean/mermaid/poem piece, reading your poem in that context was an invitation to cross a threshold into a new environment."

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

“We drove by tonight and the DOOR looks like it flew in from the Tiny Beaded Planet with A BIG HEART and of course, a portal that fits such magnitude. The show looks great and I am so glad to have you in this show”

From Shiloh Sophia McCloud about the show in 2009 at Electric Rose Gallery featuring "The Door of Possibilities"