Artist Elizabeth Gibbons - Transformation

Although I have taken numerous courses in art, I consider myself to be primarily self-taught and have developed my own unique style by combining a variety of methods and techniques.  As an artist I am both creator and alchemist. I begin withthe lead of my everyday existence and transform it into the gold of spiritual enlightenment through the process of creating my art.  Art is how I make sense of it all, how I illumine my life. Creating art, for me, has become the container which helps me to integrate the whole human experience, the beauty and the ugliness, the light and the shadows, the coexistence of opposites.  Like the Symbolists of the late 19th century, I mine mythology and dream imagery for a visual language of the soul. My focus is on the magical, the mystical and the mysterious.  When I begin a painting or work of art, I rarely do a preliminary sketch. 

I allow myself to be drawn to objects, colors or symbols and it is often these which inspire the direction I take.  The use of reflective materials holds fascination for me because it represents the  constant change and motion which are symbolic of life’s transience.  My art captures shifting essences and is sensitive, like myself to external variations of light and environment.  When I paint, it is usually with spray bottle in hand and I let the images emerge from the colors and the drips blending into each other. I travel through my creations, snippets of memory emerge in an altered form, the different selves that I have become throughout my life, combined with universal archetypes which I allow to surface from my unconscious.  I am drawn to themes of transfiguration out of this world,  to transformation and metamorphosis. My father’s illness which eventually ended in his tragic suicide, helped me to understand the longing for transcendence from spiritual imprisonment, a subject matter which permeates my art. In addition to being a visual artist, I am also a poet. The combination of text and image helps me to plunge more deeply into my own psychic underground and thus gives me access to “otherworldly realms.”